To renew your plumbing license:

  1. Complete your continuing education
  2. Submit your renewal fee to the state

The state of Wisconsin requires all Plumbers to obtain continuing education in order to renew their license. Your license type will dictate the amount of hours and how frequently you are required to renew. Here are the requirements for the most popular plumbing licenses in Wisconsin:

  • Master Plumber License – 24 hour of continuing education every 4 years
  • Journeyman Plumber License – 24 hours of continuing education every 4 years

Wisconsin Contractors Institute offers continuing education for Master Plumbers, Journeyman Plumbers, Commercial Plumbing Inspectors, Cross Connection Control Testers, UDC-Plumbing Inspectors, Utility Contractors, Journeyman Plumber-Restricted Appliance, Journeyman Plumber-Restricted Service, Master Plumber-Restricted Service, Master Plumber-Restricted Appliance.

When you complete one of our continuing education courses, you will receive a certificate of completion for your records. We will then submit the continuing education hours to the state.

The state will email a renewal notice before your license expiration date. Once you have completed your continuing education, you can renew you license online with the Department of Safety and Professional Services.

You can also renew your license online using the Department of Safety and Professional Services’ online portal.

The renewal fee is based on your license type. You can view the Trades Renewal Dates and Fees schedule on the state’s website here.


How do I know how many hours I need to renew?

You can look up your license information using the License Look-Up page on the state’s website. Enter your credential number and click on your name to view your continuing education hours and expiration date.

Do you report the continuing education hours to the state?

Yes. We report continuing education hours to the DSPS on a daily basis. The hours are typically reported the business day after you complete a course.

What do I receive after I completed a course?

We will send you a certificate of completion for the courses you complete to hold onto for your records. You will need to submit a copy with your license renewal. If you submit your answers online, you will get your results and certificate emailed to you automatically upon completion.

What if I still have questions about my continuing education requirements for my Wisconsin plumbing license?

Feel free to contact our continuing education specialists at (262)409-4282 or

What if I have questions for the state of Wisconsin?

You can contact the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services by phone at 608-266-2112, or by email at