Lead Safety


Category: SKU: PLMB-WCI-WI-COR-21559


This course will review the following: health hazards of lead exposure, what responsibility employees have to protect themselves and those around them, assessing lead hazards in the work place, and what controls should be used to best protect against exposure in the work place. This course is approved for: Journeyman Plumbers, Journey Plumbers- Restricted Service, Journey Plumbers- Restricted Appliance, Master Plumbers, Master Plumbers- Restricted Service, Master Plumbers- Restricted Appliance, UDC- Plumbing Inspectors, Utility Contractors, Commercial Plumbing Inspectors, and Cross Connection Control Testers. The course is also approved for POWTS Inspectors and POWTS Maintainers.

(Approved for 4 hours for Master Plumber, Master Plumber – Restricted Appliance, Journeyman Plumber, Journeyman Plumber – Restricted Appliance, Commercial Plumbing Inspector, UDC – Plumbing Inspector.)

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