Drain and Vent Systems


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This course will review the requirements for the design and installation of sanitary drain systems, including building drains and building sewers. The provisions of this course also set forth the requirements for the design and the installation of vents and venting systems. This course references SPS 382 Subchapter III. . This course is approved for: Journeyman Plumbers, Journey Plumbers- Restricted Service, Journey Plumbers- Restricted Appliance, Master Plumbers, Master Plumbers- Restricted Service, Master Plumbers- Restricted Appliance, UDC- Plumbing Inspectors, Utility Contractors, Commercial Plumbing Inspectors, and Cross Connection Control Testers.

(Approved for 6 hours for Master Plumber, Master Plumber – Restricted Appliance, Journeyman Plumber, Journeyman Plumber – Restricted Appliance, Commercial Plumbing Inspector, UDC – Plumbing Inspector.)

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