Initial Wisconsin Contractor Dwelling Qualifier Certification

Only a person holding a Contractor Dwelling Qualifier Certification may obtain a permit for a one- or two-family dwelling.

A person wishing to obtain a dwelling contractor qualifier license must complete 12 hours of approved training education and pass an exam given with that education.  Proof of completing the course will need to be provided with your application.

The following online course is approved for the initial 12 hours to obtain your WI Dwelling Contractor Qualifier certification:

Dwelling Contractor Initial Qualifier Course – Course Approval #12735

Course expires 6/9/26
Dwelling Contractor Initial Qualifier Course
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This online course is designed for those seeking their initial Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor Qualifier License.  The state of Wisconsin requires you to complete 12 hours of initial education to obtain your license.  Here is the course outline:

Chapter 1 – Licensing, Certification & Registration
Chapter 2 – Administration & Enforcement
Chapter 3 – Construction Codes
Chapter 4 – Home Improvement Trade Practices
Chapter 5 – Worker’s Compensation Laws
Chapter 6 – OSHA Safety Overview
Chapter 7 – Erosion Control