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CILB Course Number CRS12269

The FL Contractor Renewal Essentials is a modern learning tool for licensee’s preparing to renew their construction licenses. This course contains the essential hours of business practices, wind mitigation, laws and rules, workers’ compensation, and workplace safety. This course is tailored to the needs of online students. It is designed to: make it easy for students to learn the material, prepare students for numerous career applications, and stress practical skills and knowledge. The following subjects will be covered in this course:

Business Practices: begins by defining ethics, then proceeds to discuss the importance of ethics in the workplace in order to protect people and the profession. Concludes with identifying ethical professional responsibilities.

Wind Mitigation: summarizes the need for wind mitigation, identifies wind-related risks, identifies levels of protection for residential buildings, and covers the steps for evaluation existing home for retrofit.

Laws & Rules: refreshes knowledge on the administrative rules that govern the Florida construction industry. This section reviews disciplinary guidelines including: penalty ranges for rule violations, consequences of repeat violations and mitigating/aggravating circumstances, citations, and notices of noncompliance.

Workers’ Compensation: begins by explaining the benefits of a drug-free workplace, identifies how a drug-free workplace can save money for the employer, lists the steps for becoming a State of Florida, Workers’ Compensation Drug-free Workplace, and emphasizes the importance of educating employees on the hazards of drug use in the workplace.

Workplace Safety: The last section of this course will summarize changes to OSHA’s standard for crane and derrick safety. Frequently asked questions will be answered regarding employer responsibility, equipment that is covered under OSHA’s standard will be identified, and key terms will be defined.

5 CE Hours